how to choose electronic locking system

for your shared entrance?​

Main parts of the system:

The main parts of one electronic locking system for access control are:

  • Electronic Lock
  • Electronic Keys
  • Reader
  • Controller
  • Power Supply


Types of el. locks


Types of controllers


Types of unlocking


Security levels

What i need to know before i start the guide?

As you read above, these are the main parts of a locking system. To choose the most suitable combination for you, you will go through this guide. It consists of 4 sectors.

  • What Electronic lock I want?
  • How i want to unlock it from outside?
  • How i want to unlock it from inside?
  • What level of security i want?

When you select an option from each sector, press the button to this option so that the algorithm can take you to the right sector for you, according to your choice.


How the electronic locking system works: Electronic locks are the devices that perform the mechanical locking itself. But they need a controller to control them( the brain of the system). A reader can be placed on the outside of the door for you to touch the electronic keys. The controller recognizes whether this key is stored in the system and, if so, unlocks it. If you loose a electronic key, Dont worry! You dont need to change the whole system. You can delete exactly this key from the system and record a new one! The other keys countinue to work with no problem.

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