Battery protection + Communication module for intercom systems and BKU controllers – LPDD2

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Make the installation of your locking system easy without running unnecessary cables. The LPDD2 module allows you to use the already routed power cables from the intercom system to the lock without having to cut too much. Read the detailed description below.

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The module has:

– input to which an adapter with an output voltage of 13.3-14.0 VD is connected;,
– output to which the battery is connected;
– output to which the consumers are connected.
– input to which intercom control is connected. Control can be with a DC voltage supply of 9 to 12V (respecting the polarity), a Dry contact that gives the input to GND or an AC voltage supply of 9 to 12V.

Principle of operation and installation (see diagram in gallery)

The main function of the LPDD2 is the ability to transmit information over the power wires to the BulKey access control controllers. The information that is transmitted is whether or not there is a ~220V power supply, whether there is a signal at the intercom input to unlock the door.
Passing this information along the power wires saves the hassle and effort of running additional cables to the controller. The main task that this module solves is the case when an intercom system is already built in a building and an electromagnetic lock (most often an electric counter) is controlled through it. Without LPDD2, if you want to install access control with electronic keys, you will need to run additional cables to the door (for controller power, reader, intercom control, etc.).
Using the LPDD2 module you will be able to use the already routed cables from the intercom system to the door. In combination with the LPDD module, you can use the BKU access control controllers, which are so small (only 4cm) that they can be installed directly behind the lock. Thus, the controller will be conveniently stored in the door frame and the reader, button and lock will be connected to it with short wires in the same place. The two cables coming from the intercom system, which previously powered the electronic lock, are connected to the controller. LPDD2 connects to the intercom box, from where it transmits the above information to the BKU via the power cable.

Intercom input

LPDD2 has an input for opening via intercom. This input is intended for all variants of intercom control. It works with both a DC 9 to 12V DC supply (polarity respected) and an AC 9 to 12V DC supply, you can also use a dry contact or a button that short the input to GND. The LPDD2 module is installed directly next to the intercom center, since a ~220V power supply is already connected to it, from which you can also power the LPDD2.

Connection to emergency power

If you are using a battery you will need to power the LPDD2 with 13.3-14.0V or get the LPWR2 kit. The module will protect the battery from deep discharge as follows:
When a voltage of 13.3-14.0VDC is applied to the input of the module from the adapter (230VAC available), the consumers will be powered. After the voltage drops from the adapter, the power supply of the consumers is taken over by the battery.
If the battery discharges below 8.6VDC, the module will automatically disconnect the consumers from the battery, thus protecting the battery from deep discharge. The consumers will be powered again after supplying 14VDC from the adapter. Thus, the battery and consumers are protected from momentary switching on due to self-excitation of the battery.
The module has protection for maximum battery consumption of 3A current.
An adapter with automatic maximum consumption protection and short circuit protection must be used.

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