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Make the installation of your locking system easy without running unnecessary cables. The LPDD2 module allows you to use the already routed power cables from the intercom system to the lock without having to cut too much. Read the detailed description below.

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The module works in the following way: power to the consumers will be supplied after the input voltage for 14V is supplied from the adapter (availability of 220V), and after the 220V is lost, the power supply to the consumers is taken over by the battery. If the battery discharges to a voltage below 9.8V, the module will automatically disconnect the consumers from the battery, thus protecting the battery from deep discharge. The consumers will be powered again after supplying the input with 14V from the adapter. Thus, the battery and consumers are protected from momentary switching on due to self-excitation of the battery.

Although rare, some batteries, as they age, can short out a cell internally. As a result, they begin to consume more current and cannot be charged, which puts the powered consumers and the battery itself at risk from overheating, i.e. the charging current can become so large that it trips the power supply protection or does not reach the current for the normal supply of consumers. For example: You have a locking system powered by a 2A adapter which, when unlocked, consumes 1A of current. In a normal situation, there will be no problem with the operation, but if the battery short-circuits a cell and starts to consume constant charging current more than 1A, when trying to unlock the system, the power protection will turn it off. This is an extremely annoying moment because, even though you have mains power, the system will not work.

Model LPDD2 has additional automatic protection of the battery from high charging current or internal short in the battery. The automatic battery short-circuit protection limits the charging current to 1.1A, and if it becomes larger, it automatically limits it to 20mA.

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