BulKey Code Wallet – Red, Classic

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Have you ever been a victim of pickpockets while traveling?  With BulKey Code Wallet you can safely enjoy your trip without worrying about your belongings.
– 4-digit lock
– attachable security steel cord, so nobody can just grab your entire wallet and run.
– capacity of up to 40 bills or up to 10 cards;
– 6 pocket organiser

– pocket size;
– Impact resistant meterial;

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BulKey Code Wallet™ is the ultimate travel wallet that protects you from pickpockets.

Red, Merlot and Black
+ two designs for each color

With its 4-digit lock, you can be sure that no one can take your valuables. You can conveniently carry it with you or leave it in the hotel room. The BulKey Code Wallet™ also has an attachable security steel cord so that no one can just grab your entire wallet and run away. You can attach it to your bag, backpack strap, zippers or even your belt loop.

Hundreds of people from all over the world have trusted BulKey Code Wallet! Get in the moment without worrying about pickpockets and theft!

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If you want to explore the world you know that in most places you need to have money with you. Whether that money is in local currency or bank cards, they should be with us. We’ve all felt anxious when we walk into a crowded square that someone will steal our wallet. It is also a well-known habit to put our backpack in front of us when riding the subway. Have you ever realized how often we are surrounded by pickpocketing situations?

…. Have you ever noticed bills missing from your wallet? You must have thought you lost them? Did you know that .…a really common theft is that the hotel staff can pinch just a bill or two from your wallet when you leave it in your room. Unless you count all your bills upon returning you won’t notice the missing ones. By the time you realize this it will be already too late to take any action. The person who steals may not be only the hotel staff, it can be your roommate, or basically anyone who has access to your room. The same situation can happen even at your office with your coworkers…


– 4 digit code – Choose your combination from 10,000 possible. You can be sure that no one has access to your belongings.
– A place for everything – Holds up to 40 bills or 10 cards. With this capacity, you can securely store all your belongings in your Bulkey Code Wallet. You can also store keys, trackers and other items inside.
– Stylish design – Of course, we think about your vision and for this purpose we made BulKey Code Wallet with a design that combines functionality and style.
– Protective Steel Cord – Allows the purse to be attached to all kinds of places like your bag handle, backpack strap, zippers, or even your pants belt loop. That way, no one can just take the whole purse and run away.
-Shockproof- We made BulKey Code Wallet from polycarbonate, which has some of the best characteristics of all polymers. It is durable and extremely strong.
– Organizer – Find what you’re looking for in seconds. The organizer with six pockets will help you organize your cards, bills and other belongings.

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