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The app for Android phones is used to quickly and easily manage users in your controller. The application works in combination with Bulkey Data Cable and/or Bulkey Bluetooth module. For more details, check out the detailed description below.

If you want the free version of the application, there is no need to place an order. Just download it from the Downloads section of this product page.

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With it you will be able to monitor events, disable/enable user chips with just one click; to name each chip with the name of its respective owner; quickly and easily change settings and much more. The app comes with a free version that you can download from the downloads section. If you want to unlock more settings, look for the User or Expert version of the app.

App versions: (also check out the comparison chart in the gallery)

L3 – Expert license – has full features and capabilities and an unlimited number of BKU controllers to manage.
L2 – User license – can manage up to 5 pcs. the BKU controller. No access to expert settings menus.
L1 – Free license – Can manage up to 1 BKU controller; Cannot upload/download archive data; There is no “Communication with Password” feature; No event log export; There is no “programmable settings” menu; There is no “expert settings” menu; Unable to change the statuses of electronic user keys “.
If you want the free version of the application, there is no need to place an order. Just download it from the Downloads section of this product page.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are changing your phone and want to use the same paid license/key on another phone, you must first deactivate it from the app on your current phone. If you delete the app without first deactivating the license/key, it is lost forever.

You can connect a BKU controller to your phone app by:

  1. Bluetooth module – in this variant, you connect a Bluetooth module to the BKU, which remains permanently connected to the device built in during installation. So you can use your phone’s Bluetooth to connect to the controller, quickly and easily. [Link to the site: https://lesibg.com/produkt/bluetooth-modul-za-bku-kontroleri-upravlyavaite-p/ ]
    – Advantages – There are no visible parts and no other means (such as a cable) is needed to connect to the controller.
  2. Data cable – in this variant, you statically connect the data cable socket to the BKU, which is installed in any accessible place. You plug one end of a data cable into the jack and the other into your phone’s jack, and that’s how you connect to the controller. [Link to the site: https://lesibg.com/produkt/kabel-za-danni-s-s-specializarizan-soft/ ]
    – Advantages – You only need one cable to connect to multiple controllers. For each controller, it is necessary to purchase only the socket for connection, and not an entire Bluetooth Module as in option 1.

Both options offer convenience and speed of work and are convenient for each different case of installation.

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