Contact electronic keys type iButton – F5 (50 pcs.)

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Contact electronic keys iButton are extremely ergonomic, comfortable and reliable, with a very long  life and a high level of security. (The price is for pack of 50pcs)

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Contact electronic keys type iButton have a 64-bit code used for access control. Through specially developed anti-scanning technology and the presence of so many combinations of code, the system provides extremely high reliability of protection against unlocking through the use of high-tech computers and systems. The uniqueness of the iButton code is guaranteed. Duplicating or stealing the ignition key code is extremely difficult and almost impossible, and if one nevertheless decides to do so, then for this purpose one needs to have a physical, key that works for a given system.

If your electronic Contact electronic key type iButton is lost, there is no need to change the system, just delete the lost one from the system – this solves absolutely all problems and concerns Contact electronic keys type iButton(even if the code is copied in some way, it will not work anywhere.)

Systems working with this type of electronic keys use a built-in reader, which is metal and is extremely vandal-resistant – it withstands mechanical and electronic impacts, shocks; not affected by external climatic conditions. Due to the shape (patented by Lesi), the principle of operation and the chrome finish, the iButton reader is best suited for use with exterior doors that everyone has access to – residential, shared entrance, elevators, garages, shops and more. The reader does not consume energy during its operation, this allows the controller to operate for a very long time on emergency power.

The advantage of the built-in reader, patented by LESI, is that it can be installed directly in the door or the frame, regardless of the material from which the door is made, and at the same time the reader cannot be stolen.

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Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 9 cm
Security type

Code Lenght

64 bits

Type of electric key

Number of Electronic Keys

Method of reading:


Mechanical properties

extremely durable


ergonomic, easy to be used and carried

Suitable for

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