Electromagnet 280 kg. 24V (Fail Safe) -EMB300

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  • Fail-safe: locks when power is applied
  • Electromagnetic lock with 300 kg. hold power
  • Good for heavy metal doors
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Electromagnetic lock EMB300 is used to lock and control access to doors with mandatory emergency safety – shared entrance doors, internal office doors, doors in industrial, public and office buildings and premises and others.

From here you can add an additional mounting plate depending on the door opening direction:
L plate – for outward opening doors
LZ plate – for inward opening doors

Electromagnetic lock EMB300 for access control is designed for premises with a high degree of security, but with mandatory emergency safety, because it unlocks when the power supply to it stops. It can be used for any type of door and is the best choice for electronic locking of common entrance doors of residential buildings. Due to the absence of mechanical wear elements, it is extremely durable and has a very long service life. There are no requirements for the condition and type of the door.

The electromagnet consists of two parts – one is mounted on the cash register, and the other on the door leaf. It is installed in the upper opening corner of the door for metal doors, and for all other types of doors it is desirable to put two magnets – one in the upper opening corner of the door and the other in the lower opening corner of the door at a height of 20-30 cm from the floor. With the installation of the two magnets, twisting of the soft doors (aluminum, PVC, wooden) is prevented by the double locking. It can also work without a mechanical lock, as it automatically fixes the door in the closed position. Unlocks only electronically. A button can be installed on the inside to quickly and easily unlock the door instead of having a valid electronic key. One magnet withstands a load of up to 300 kg and draws constant current in the locked position. It can also be controlled by remote control, as well as from an intercom.

The most suitable control of this lock are the mini controllers developed by us, models Bulkey BKU417, BKU517 (for RFID keys) and Bulkey BKU419, BKU519 (for iButton keys), which can be hidden in the windows or in the door. Despite their small size, they combine in one: key reader, control of: lock, buzzer, button (including from intercom systems), have an output for connecting to a computer, through which, in addition to the Master key, you can control the status of user keys.

  • emergency safety;
  • easy installation;
  • no mechanical parts;
  • installed on any type of door;
  • no door condition requirements;
  • can also work without a mechanical lock;
  • management by electronic means only;
  • button unlocking option;
  • installed on doors with external or internal opening;
  • control from intercom;
  • outdoor installation.

Additional information

Weight 2,05 kg
Dimensions 25 × 4,2 × 2,5 cm
Power supply voltage

DC 24V

Operating current



Two-tone – red and green

Magnet cover



SIB, China, L280S

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