Electromagnet mini 60 kg. (Fail Safe) -EMB60

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  • Fail-safe: locks when power is applied
  • Electromagnetic lock
  • Good for refrigirator doors, or furniture doors.
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Electromagnet for refrigerated showcases and lockers in changing rooms of sports complexes, gyms, swimming pools, SPA centers, libraries, etc., with external opening.

Electromagnet EMB60 for refrigerated display cases and cabinets consists of two parts – one is mounted on the frame and the other on the door leaf of the cabinet. Locks the door in the closed position. It can only be unlocked electronically, via contactless cards, chips or a wireless remote control button. Withstands loads up to 60 kg. and outputs direct current in the locked position. Due to the absence of mechanical wear elements, it is extremely durable and has a very long service life. There are no requirements for the condition and type of the door. If the power supply fails, the electromagnet unlocks. If you want an emergency power supply, you can view our offers HERE.

To operate this electromagnetic lock, you need a controller. It can be controlled by chip, code or remote.

The most suitable control of this lock when used for refrigerated display cases is the mini remote controller we developed – Valcor VCB. Through this module you will be able to unlock/lock the lock by pressing a button from a remote. This method is often used in stores whose refrigerated display cases are placed outside the store. When a customer asks to take something from the refrigerated display case, the seller presses a button on the remote control and the door is unlocked for a certain time (default is 5 seconds but can be adjusted). This way you prevent the risk of theft and have control over who opens the windows.

If you want to electromagnet EMB60 for locking lockers, then the most suitable control is with an electronic key.

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 3,3 × 2 cm
Power supply voltage

DC 12V

Dimensions of the magnet


Plank dimensions


Operating current


Work temperature



NORDSON, China ; NE-60

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