Electromagnetic Bolt lock (Fail safe) for glass doors – BKB30

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Electromagnetic Bolt lock (Fail safe) BKB30 it is used for glass doors with mandatory emergency safety. – shops, internal office doors, public and office buildings and premises and others

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Bolt-type electromagnetic lock BKB30 is used to lock and control access to glass doors with mandatory emergency safety – shops, internal office doors, public and office buildings and premises, and others. Due to the fact that the lock is emergency safe and the overall dimensions are extremely small, it allows the lock to be installed on partitioned office, corridor and entrance doors.

If the lock is installed on the movable part of the door, a suitable transitional element must be selected, ensuring reliable passage of electrical signals from the stationary to the movable part (Read more HERE)

Bolt-type electromagnetic lock BKB100 consists of 2 parts – the body of the lock and the counter plate. The distance between them must be less than 8 mm to ensure that the stud will fit into the hole in the plate.
There are 5 wires: Red (+), Black (-), Orange (Open), Green (NO), White (COM)
Setting the time delay, 0/ 3/ 6/ 9 sec.

The most suitable control of this lock is the mini controllers developed by us, models Bulkey BKU417, BKU517 (for RFID keys) and Bulkey BKU419, BKU519 (for iButton keys), which can be hidden in the windows or in the door. Despite their small size, they combine in one: key reader, control of: lock, buzzer, button (including from intercom systems), have an output for connecting to a computer, through which, in addition to the Master key, you can control the status of user keys.

Advantages of Bolt type electromagnetic locks:
* completely hidden internal installation;
* it is not understood about the presence of this type of lock;
* the exact location of the lock, which protects it from encroachments, is not understood;
* emergency safe (if there is no emergency power supply, when the power supply fails, it automatically unlocks);
* provides serious locking;
* management only by electronic means;
* possibility to unlock using a button;
* built-in sensor for monitoring the position of the door – open/closed;
* small dimensions – possibility of installation in aluminum joinery;
* installed on any type of door;
* installed on external or internal opening of the door;
* control from an intercom center;
* requires a very well fixed door;
* minimum power to move the spike – requires mandatory free movement.

Additional information

Weight 0,9 kg
Dimensions 9 × 20 × 4 cm
Power supply voltage

DC 12V

Spike size

16mmDIA,stainless steel 13mm throw

Spike material

Stainless steel

Operating current

900mA when driven; 120mA at rest

Hold time

0,3,6,9 seconds


Red – when locked, green when unlocked

Door position sensor

open / closed

Spike status sensor

There is no. (see lock BKB101)


YLI electronic Ltd , China, YB-500A(LED)

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