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The electromagnetic counter/strike is mounted on the door frame. The tongue of the mechanical lock is used for locking. The door is entered from the outside with an electronic (or mechanical) key, and exited from the inside by pressing the lock handle.

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Electromagnetic strike EMH is used for access control at entrance and office doors. It is installed on the door frame against the tongue of the already existing mechanical lock in the door leaf. This design allows entry from the outside of the door with both an electronic key and a mechanical key (optional). The inner one is exited by pressing the handle of the lock. There must be a ball-type handle on the outside of the door, and a handle on the inside.

The electromagnetic counter has four varieties:
1. Ordinary – it is typical for common entrance doors of residential buildings
2. With memory – typically when connected to an intercom system
3. With a thumb – typical for office doors
4. With memory and thumb – typical for office doors with remote unlocking

Electromagnetic contactor EMH draws current only at the moment of unlocking. It remains in the locked position during a power loss. In order to function normally in the absence of power supply, it is necessary to install an emergency module with a battery. The power supply is AC/DC – from 6V to 14V. Current consumption is about 1A. When it is controlled through a relay, a reverse diode must be placed so that scum does not form in the contacts of the relay. It is not recommended to apply unlock voltage for longer than 15 seconds.

The force of the spring is 1kg. This is the force with which a person must push the door to open it with an UNLOCKED counter. However, if the door has hard seals or a strong air current that pushes it out, then even if the unlock button is pressed, the counter will not unlock. You have to pull the door towards you and then it will unlock. In these cases, we recommend the reinforced counter, which can be found HERE.

The lock is controlled electrically, through a controller and reader, as well as through an intercom installation

The most suitable control of this lock are the mini controllers developed by us, models Bulkey BKU417, BKU517 (for RFID keys) and Bulkey BKU419, BKU519 (for iButton keys), which can be hidden in the windows or in the door. Despite their small size, they combine in one: key reader, control of: lock, buzzer, button (including from intercom systems), have an output for connecting to a computer, through which, in addition to the Master key, you can control the status of user keys.

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Weight 0,3 kg
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Counter material

Stainless steel


Tesla, Slovenia

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