Electromagnetic universal lock (Fail Security) – BKL30

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Electromagnetic lock with universal application for locking refrigerated showcases, wardrobes, drawers, cabinet doors, entrance doors and more.

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Electromagnetic lock BKL30 is used to lock basements, attics, refrigerated display cases and others. Operated only electrically. The lock is normally locked (fail-security), when 12VDC voltage is supplied, it is unlocked for the time for which the voltage is supplied. Recommended time – maximum 15 seconds. Current consumption is up to 1A.

*From product options you can get a counter plate (optional)

The direction of the locking latch (spike) can change depending on how it is installed. The installation of the lock is external, (on the inside of the door) but there are no visible parts on the outside part of the door. Overall dimensions of the lock 55/ 23/ 28 mm. Overall dimensions with mounting rails (can be cut) 55/43/28. The locking latch is 10/10 mm with a stroke of 10 mm. You can check the dimensions in the attached product photos.

An electromagnetic lock is one of the best choices for locking refrigerated display cases, basements, attics, etc., due to its small size and easy external installation. If it is used to lock basements or attics, it is advisable to provide a button on the inside unlocking. So if a door closes, one will be able to push the button and unlock the BKL30 as it will lock when the door closes. For this reason, we have ready-made kits containing all the components that contain all the main elements of the locking system.

Additional information

Weight 0,350 kg
Dimensions 5,5 × 4,3 × 2,5 cm
Power supply voltage

DC 12V

Operating current


Spike length



Galvanized iron


NORDSON, China ; NI-11

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