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BKU219 is a contact iButton controller, which is used for access control of doors, elevators and many others.

  • Easy to install and mini size
  • Affordable Split system
  • An affordable metal reader

NEW! Control your controller via an app from your phone! Learn more on the BulKey App product page! There is also a FREE version.

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iButton contact access control controller BulKey BKU219, offers an efficient solution for locking home, office and public entrance doors through electromagnetic locks and electronic keys, as well as the ability to electronically lock elevators by blocking the call and floor selection buttons .

NEW! Control your controller via an app from your phone! There is also a FREE version. Change settings with just one click. Quickly and easily add new keys or keep track of who activated access control when. Learn more on the BulKey App product page!

The equipment of the system includes:

  • Controller BKU219,
  • Detailed documentation.

*electronic reader is not included, please look at our readers HERE, or check out BKU419.
*the master key is not included in this product. You yourself register one of the users as master. (it is described in the documentation)

What is BKU219?

BKU219 is a stand-alone iButton controller for access control and management of electronic locks – the “brain of the locking system”.

Unlocking from the outside is done by an electronic iButton key  which approaches the reader of the device mounted in a place of your choice. The controller works with simple and very affordable vandal-resistant readers that are very small in size and could be mounted on the door or on the door frame.

A single electronic key can be programmed to unlock and lock many doors (eg home, garage, basement, building front door, elevator, etc.). It can be easily and quickly prohibited or allowed its operation to a given door. Each electronic key is programmed in the system with an individual number, which allows it to be deleted without its presence, and all other keys continue to function normally.

Unlocking from the inside is done by pressing a button (for Bolt type and electromagnet locks) or by pressing the door handle (for counter type locks) or it could placed a second electroni readed for double sided access control. 

Split system
BKU219 combined with a reader represents the so-called Split system. This means that the reader and the controller are independent and can be mounted at a distance from each other. So if the reader (as the only visible part of the entire system) is attacked and broken, it will NOT unlock the door.

BKU219 is controlled by a master card (or key), with which system operation is set and electronic keys are recorded, erased, disabled. The device can also be controlled via computer, smartphone, remotely via SMS or via the Internet (modules are purchased separately). The method of programming, recording, erasing, status of a specific key, total number of keys in the system are described in the detailed instructions attached to the product and according to the algorithm patented by the LESI company. The reader and controller are built directly into the door frame, making the system extremely vandal-resistant! For your convenience, in addition to the detailed product description, we have also made tutorial videos on how to operate the keys

Apart from master key, it can be controlled by computer or phone app. The phone app also has a free version with which you can quickly and conveniently change settings to monitor events and keys. Check out more on the BulKey App product page HERE

Each system can be configured to network with others like it. The systems are addressable, allowing networking and common management via a single GSM or LAN communicator.

More details about access to the system with a password can be learned after purchasing the specialized software with data cable BulKey of the company LESI.

Protections of BKU219
– Protection against electronic key scanning

Application of the autonomous iButton access control controller Bulkey BKU219 for electronic locking and access control to entrance doors. They control an electromagnetic lock of the Magnet type, an electronic lock with a spike of the Bolt type, an electromagnetic counter and others. The principle of operation is as follows: On the outside there is a reader with an LED that lights up red when the lock is locked and green when it is unlocked. A valid electronic key is fed to the reader, the lock unlocks in 15s with a door sensor installed or in 5s without a door sensor and the door can be opened. When the door closes, lock is automatically locked (if this mode is selected). From the inside, the lock is unlocked by pressing a button in the case of installed magnet or bolt type locks, or by the door handle in the case of a counter type lock.

Application of the autonomous iButton access control controller Bulkey BKU219 to control access to elevators by turning off the floor selection buttons in the elevator cabin, the principle of operation is as follows: The reader is installed in the cabin, which allows or not the selection of the floor by the buttonhole. The reader has a two-color LED which, if lit red, indicates that the floor selection buttons are disabled. After submitting an electronic key programmed to the system, the reader’s LED lights up green and enables the operation of the floor selection button for a period of 5 seconds (adjustable from 1 sec to 4 min). After


  • Intelligent control of electromagnetic locks – strike, DropBolt, electromagnet
  • Electronic keys – iButton and compatible
  • Ability to work with up to 999 keys
  • Ability to connect to a computer protected by a master key or password
  • Possibility of remote control via GSM or LAN communicator
  • Ability to use the access control system
  • Ability to network many systems for integrated building management
  • User programming of the system
  • User registration, deletion and temporary prohibition of operation of a specific key through the master key
  • Checking the total number of keys saved in the system
  • Check the status of each key
  • Ability to delete, replace or change the status of a lost or unavailable key
  • Transistor output 3A for controlling the lock
  • Input for quick unlock or lock button on the inside
  • Control input from intercom systems
  • Reader with light indication – three colors
  • Two modes of operation of the lock – automatic or manual
  • Monitoring the position of the door – open/closed
  • Ability to control the operation of the Unlock button – works/does not work
  • Function of automatic protective reactivation of the system when the door is unlocked and not opened
  • Programmable sound indication in case of alarm or emergency conditions
  • Programmable function Door bell
  • Light indication of the lock status – unlocked/locked
  • Electronic key scanning protection
  • Protection against electronic and electromechanical impacts and electric shock baton – only applies to control units working with iButton type electronic keys
  • System power failure indication
  • Extremely easy installation, maintenance and programming

Additional information

Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 4,5 × 2 × 1 cm
Event Memory

Security level

Power supply voltage

DC 12V

Type keys


User capacity


LESI-2000 Ltd, Bulgaria

Max current


Operating current

max. 50A

Operating temperature

-40 to +60 'C

Output type

Open Collector

Output activation time

4s to 15s (it can be manually chosed)

Compatible with NC and NO locks


Possibility of control from an intercom


Door position input




Light indication


Modes of operation

Automation and Manual (can be chosed anytime)


BulKey App, Computer, GSM

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    by Marin

    Installed the access controller, and it’s been hassle-free security ever since. User-friendly and effective.

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    by Jen E

    If you want straightforward security that just works, this access control controller is the answer. No complaints, just a solid 5 stars!

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    אחלה דבר יפה מאוד איכותי

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    wszystko działa, jest ok

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    I ‘ve bought several so far. All so far approved.

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    Good and affordable system

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    Bought it together with LRF05 and its working great!

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    Livraison express en deux semaines. Tout a l’air parfait.

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    Entrega rápida

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    I am surprised how many functions this controller. Its worth it every cent.

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    Bought it together with LRF32 and it works as expexted

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    Perfect product!

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