RFID passive electronic reader BulKey LRF03

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The contactless RFID reader LRF03 has a capsule for hidden installation (with Ф10 mm) and external light indication!
This model is used for Bulkey BKU217, BKU317 controller models (wihout socket). For BKU417, BKU517 is the socket version.

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The passive RFID reader LRF03 is small in size and suitable for hidden installation in a variety of places. There is an output light indication, whose diode indication algorithm is patented by the LESI company.

Important: There should be no metal between the reader and the electronic keys. If there is one, the reader will not be able to read the submitted electronic key.

LRF03 passive RFID reader for built-in installation is designed to work with RFID controllers of the type Bulkey BKU217, BKU317, BKU417, BKU517 and others. If you are buying a reader for a controller from the first two listed, the reader must be a socketless type. It is extremely easy to install. 

The reader itself does not operate the lock. This requires a controller

The most suitable control are the mini controllers developed by us, models BKU417, BKU517 (for RFID keys), which can be hidden in the windows or in the door. Despite their small size, they combine in one: key reader, control of: lock, buzzer, button (including from intercom systems), have an output for connecting to a computer, through which, in addition to the Master key, you can control the status of user keys.

Additional information

Weight 0,05 kg
Socket type

no Socket (for BKU 217, 317), with a Socket (for BKU 417, 517)

Mounting hole

No needed (hidden)

Type keys



LESI-2000 Ltd, Bulgaria

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