Valcor GSM5 Communicator with one monitoring input

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Valcor GSM5 is used notification by GSM call or SMS.

  • 1 monitoring input
  • up to 4 control numbers

*select operating voltage 12V or 24V from product options

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A GSM communicator with a built-in modem for notification by calling and/or sending information SMSs, monitors the quality of the GSM signal (range), which allows the installation to find the most suitable place for it. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO HAVE INTERNET COVERAGE AT THE LOCATION WHERE IT IS MONITORED

For the use of the GSM communicator, it is not necessary to pay any additional monthly fees, except for the fee for the actual communication (conversations or SMS) from the communicator to the notified phones, according to the tariff of the relevant mobile operator to which you have taken a SIM card . No bagging

If you don’t know how to choose the right communicator for you, fill out our questionnaire that will direct you to the most suitable one

The set includes:

Module in plastic box – – 57 mm, length – 76 mm, height – 30 mm.
Antenna 3dB,
Input connection cable,
power socket,
Detailed description of operation and installation diagrams!

Working principle.

GSM5 has 1 entrance (zone) for monitoring. If there is a change in the zone, the communicator notifies you by SMS and/or ringing.
Connection to an alarm system. There is one input that connects to a security system and when an alarm event occurs, rings pre-set phone numbers. The active level is determined depending on the type of sensor that will be connected to the zone – normally open NO or normally closed NC. When the zone goes into alarm state, communication will be triggered by ringing and/or SMS. A SIM card must be inserted for it to function.

Localization is tracking the location. The GSM communicator has the ability to provide information about the number of the cell in which it is located. Through this information, its location can be located and when there is movement – moving from cell to cell, it can alarm, be triggered. It can be used to detect or position objects. This is a highly effective free localization method. It is visualized on Internet maps by entering the cell number/parameters on Internet sites. Positions the location of the corresponding cell.

How is it set up?

The communicator is set up by command SMS sent from the master number (the phone number of the owner). Through these SMS, the monitoring entrance area, other user phone numbers and all other settings of which the communicator is capable are set. The in-product manual describes these commands in detail.

We have also developed a free phone application that makes it easy, convenient and understandable for everyone to program, control and receive information about your communicator. Communication between the application and the GSM communicator is carried out by calling and/or SMS. To make it easier for you, we have also filmed a tutorial video on how to work with the application. You can watch it HERE


Ability to work and set up with the SIM cards of all GSM operators in Bulgaria, including the features of their prepaid services – with time and functional parameters, as well as with international operators. The device meets the European standards for GSM communication.

1. One button input.
2. Four notification phones
3. Remote programming by sending SMS from the phones with assigned rights or by using the free Android application “Valcor GSM” from the master number.
4. Ability to work and set up with all GSM operators in Bulgaria, including the features of their prepaid services – with time and functional parameters, as well as with international operators. There is a built-in indication of the quality of the GSM signal (range).
5. Function to locate the location of the communicator through the GSM cell to which it is connected
6. Status monitoring and measurement of supply voltage

Additional information

Audio Channel

User capacity

number of inputs


Number of outputs


Power supply voltage

DC 12V, DC 24V

Monitors supply voltage

Measures temperature


Measures voltage


Ability to control BKU

Power failure indication


Emergency power input


Protection against unauthorized access


Current consumption

max. 50mA; typical- 20mA

Consumption with peripherals on

Max 1A

Work temperature

-20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C

Protection class


Operating frequencies

900/1800 MHz

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