Valcor GSM50 – Universal GSM communicator for notifications, self-guarding, device management

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Valcor GSM50 is used for announcing, self-guarding of homes, offices and apiaries, as well as for remote control of electrical appliances.

  • 1 control output
  • 5 monitoring inputs
  • up to 4 control numbers

*select operating voltage 12V or 24V from product options

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GSM communicator with built-in modem for announcing and independent security of homes, offices, apiaries. Possibility of remote control of electric consumers – fireplaces, boilers, air conditioners or others. Announces by ringing and/or sending informational SMSes, monitors the quality of the GSM signal (range), which allows the installation to find the most suitable place

For the use of the GSM communicator, it is not necessary to pay any additional monthly fees, except for the fee for the actual communication (conversations or SMS) from the communicator to the notified phones, according to the tariff of the relevant mobile operator to which you have taken a SIM card . No bagging

The set includes:

Module in plastic box – – 57 mm, length – 76 mm, height – 30 mm.
Antenna 3dB,
Input connection cable,
power socket,
Detailed description of operation and installation diagrams!

Working principle.

GSM50 has

5 monitoring inputs (zones) with which you can monitor the status of up to 5 devices (sensors, boilers, routers, etc.). If a change occurs in a given zone, the communicator notifies you by SMS and/or ringing. A button (electronic switch) can also be connected to input zone 1 to turn the relay output on and off.
1 relay output (zone) for control, with which you will be able to control (on/off or other) a given device via SMS or calling the communicator
By default, only authorized numbers can call the GSM50. However, this can be changed at the customer’s request. The method is described in the product manual.


The communicator works in stand-alone security system mode. In this mode, entrance Zone 1 is used for arming and disarming (with an electronic key, a button, via SMS or calling without charging). When the zone (alarm) is on, upon triggering any of the other zones (sensors), the communicator will call the authorized phones and/or send an SMS with the current status. You can select the active level of input zones 2, 3, 4, 5 to be NO or NC by mass. In stand-alone security system mode, the communicator has an input delay of 8 seconds. when the zones are activated. You can use zone 5 as a status output and connect to it an LED that will flash when the security is on. After arming, you have 10 seconds. exit delay before arming the security zones. Output zone 1 remains free and at your choice you can use the built-in relay to turn on the siren or to independently control some device.


Connection to an alarm system. Input zone 1 monitors the alarm siren when an alarm level is applied (normally open or closed contact to ground or voltage). When the zone is activated, the communicator calls all programmed phones and/or sends an SMS with the current status. Zones 2, 3, 4, 5 monitor the current state of the sensors, but when triggered, no communication will follow. Their alarm level can be selected – when a table is fed or a table is dropped. Zone 5 can be configured to monitor the main power of the alarm or its status, when the status of the zone changes, an SMS with the current status of the power supply and the communicator is sent to all authorized phones without ringing.

Management of fireplaces, air conditioners or other appliances, telemetry and control. The relay output of the communicator is used for remote control of a device via SMS or calling without charging! The relay can be controlled by pressing a button or switch connected to input zone 1. An LED can be connected to input zone 5 to flash when the relay is on. Thus, you can control the device locally and remotely with a visual indication of the status. Input zone 4 can be used to monitor power or status, and when the status of the zone changes, an SMS will be sent to all phones without ringing. Zones that do not use specific functions can be used to monitor and control processes and states by notifying with SMS and ringing. You can choose the active levels of the zones. (active level is chosen between dropping or table feeding)

Localization is tracking the location. The GSM communicator has the ability to provide information about the number of the cell in which it is located. Through this information, its location can be located and when there is movement – moving from cell to cell, it can alarm, be triggered. It can be used to detect or position objects. This is a highly effective free localization method. It is visualized on Internet maps by entering the cell number/parameters on Internet sites. Positions the location of the corresponding cell.

How is it set up?

The communicator is set up via command SMS sent from the master number (tel

the owner’s number). Through these SMS, monitoring zones, other user phone numbers and all other settings of which the communicator is capable are set. The in-product manual describes these commands in detail.
We have also developed a free phone application that makes it easy, convenient and understandable for everyone to program, control and receive information about your communicator. Communication between the application and the GSM communicator is carried out by calling and/or SMS.


1. Ability to work and set up with the SIM cards of all GSM operators in Bulgaria, including the features of their prepaid services – with time and functional parameters, as well as with international operators. The device meets the European standards for GSM communication.
2. All SMS that are sent by the communicator are composed at the moment and reflect the current status of the communicator, inputs, outputs and quality of the GSM signal.
3.Five entrance areas distributed as follows:
One high-priority alarm zone, which can be selected for operation: by ground or voltage DC12V, by normally open contact-NO or by normally closed contact-NC. This zone can also be used as a control zone to enable and disable monitoring of other zones.
Four user zones where the mode of operation can be selected – by NO or by NC to the table. One of these zones can be used for power monitoring;
4.Two modes of operation:
Mode 0: For telemetry, control and management.
Mode 1 – The communicator works as a stand-alone security system.
5. One programmable user output – built-in relay with contact 6A/ 240V;
Control by calling without charging or SMS – turn on, turn off, turn on at a set time from 1s to 255s.
The output can be used to control the siren!
6. Four phones for notification, control and communication
One main phone number and three user phone numbers;
The main phone reprograms the communicator and through it service functions are carried out by sending SMS
7. Choice of communication type – call only, SMS only, both.
8. Requirement for the current state of the communicator (status) – when ringing from the programmed phones, the communicator can return an informational SMS with the current state of the zones (programmable option).
9.Sending a control SMS to the main phone number, indicating the health of the module during a user-set period of time (programmable option).
10. Possibility of guarding without an alarm system
11. Programming by sending SMS for remote programming from the main phone;
12. Intelligent range monitoring – the performance of the communicator has been significantly improved when using it in moving objects (cars), in roaming and in places with limited range;
13. Information about the range level through the information LED and in the SMS with information about the status;
14. Additional function allowing, regardless of the selected operating mode, when ringing from any phone (unauthorized), to control the built-in relay for a pre-programmed time (if the function is disabled, the communicator will not control the relay after ringing from unauthorized phone numbers).

Accessories for Valcor GSM50:
1. GSM LED – information LED. See here: GSM_LED
2. Button – to turn the alarm on and off or Valcor VCB Remote Control Module to turn the alarm on and off.
3. Cheese. See here: Sirena
4. Button with built-in LED. See here: GSM button
5. Door / window sensor. See here: Door sensor
6. Volumetric motion sensor. See here: Motion sensor
7. Power module for battery 12V. See here: PWR2014
8. Cable form for connection with battery. See here: CONGSM
9. External antenna. See here: GSM antenna

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
Audio Channel

User capacity

number of inputs


Number of outputs


Power supply voltage

DC 12V, DC 24V

Monitors supply voltage

Measures temperature


Measures voltage


Ability to control BKU

Power failure indication


Emergency power input


Protection against unauthorized access

Yes/No (it can be switched manually)

Current consumption

max. 50mA; typical- 20mA

Consumption with peripherals on

Max 1A

Work temperature

-20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C

Protection class


Operating frequencies

900/1800 MHz

Maximum parameters of built-in relays

6A / AC / DC-250V

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    It`s a is a standout. Innovative, user-friendly, and it seamlessly fits into my tech ecosystem. Two thumbs up!

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    This GSM communicator is a perfect for home security. Reliable cellular connectivity ensures peace of mind, and the user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to set up. A must-have for anyone serious about keeping their property secure.

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    Reliable, versatile, and it keeps me connected always. Highly recommended!

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    The GSM communicator delivers exceptional clarity and signal strength. A must-have for business professionals!

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