Valcor GSM540 – Remote unlocking of doors, barriers and others for 999 users

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Valcor GSM570 serves for remote unlocking/opening of doors, barriers, elevators by absolutely free phone call.

  • 1 control output
  • 5 monitoring inputs
  • up to 999 control numbers

*select operating voltage 12V or 24V from product options

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Valcor GSM540 serves for remote unlocking by absolutely free phone call. It can be used to unlock doors, barriers, elevators and more. It is managed only by the phones that are saved in its memory. The device is programmed by sending command SMS from the main master number. In this way, the phone numbers that have the right to control the module are also recorded and deleted. Valcor GSM540 works with up to 999 users  (Valcor GSM520 works with up to 128 users). 

Thanks to this communicator you can manage the site regardless of your location, the important thing is to have a phone that is authorized to work!

For the use of the GSM communicator, it is not necessary to pay any additional monthly fees, except for the fee for the actual communication (conversations or SMS) from the communicator to the notified phones, according to the tariff of the relevant mobile operator to which you have taken a SIM card . No bagging

If you don’t know how to choose the right communicator for you, fill out our questionnaire that will direct you to the most suitable one

The set includes:

  • Module in plastic box – – 57 mm, length – 76 mm, height – 30 mm.
  • Antenna 3dB,
  • Input connection cable,
  • power socket,
  • Detailed description of operation and installation diagrams!

Working principle.

GSM540 has:

  • 5 monitoring inputs (zones) with which you can monitor the status of up to 5 devices (sensors, boilers, routers, etc.). If a change occurs in a given zone, the communicator notifies you by SMS and/or ringing. A button (electronic switch) can also be connected to input zone 1 to turn the relay output on and off.
  • 1 relay output (zone) for control, with which you will be able to control (on/off or other) a given device via SMS or calling the communicator
  • Up to 128 user numbers.

How is it set up?

A SIM card is inserted into the module, the numbers that have the right to open the door are recorded (by sending command SMS messages from the main phone number or via a computer). After that, only the numbers that are saved in the module will be able to open the door/barrier or other device by ringing it. At any moment, user numbers can be changed – deleted or replaced with new ones by sending an SMS. To open the door, you just need to ring the module and your phone number is authorized to open! There is nothing extra to use the unlock communicator, as it unlocks on a ring, which costs no money, apart from the fee for the actual done communication (conversations or SMS) from the communicator to the notified phones, according to the tariff of the relevant mobile operator to which you have taken a SIM card.

We have also developed a free phone application that makes it easy, convenient and understandable for everyone to program, control and receive information about your communicator. Communication between the application and the GSM communicator is carried out by calling and/or SMS.

It can also be used to control access to elevators – it is placed in the elevator shaft, it turns off the power supply of the elevator completely and only the one who has the right to use the elevator will be able to activate it. In this way, through your mobile phone, you will be able to control both the front door and the elevator, and some of the users will be able to control only the front door, for example, because they do not want to pay for the elevator – in this case, their phone number is not recorded in the elevator device. The device can also be placed on barriers or garage doors.


1. Ability to work and set up the SIM cards of all GSM operators in Bulgaria, including the features of their prepaid services – with time and functional parameters, as well as with international operators. The device meets European standards for GSM communication.
2. Five entrance areas distributed as follows:
One high-priority alarm zone, on which the way of operation can be selected: by ground or voltage DC12V, through a normally open contact – NO or through a normally closed contact – NC. This zone can also be used as a control zone to enable and disable monitoring of other zones.
Four user zones where the mode of operation can be selected – through NO or through NC to the table. One of these zones can be used for power monitoring;
3. Each zone is programmable as follows:
Setting the active operation level; Receiving information from the zones in any of their states – active or inactive (depending on the programming); User inscription the name of the zones; Memory for alarm events from each zone – memory for 32 events; Continuous control of the status of the zones from the phones programmed in the system’s memory; Different notification setting from each zone for each phone; Individual setting of the way and the method of monitoring and writing each entrance area separately in the information SMS; Selection of a combination of input zone states as a communication condition. Selection of first zone priority and zone memory when communicating.
4. One programmable user output – The output is a built-in relay with contact 6A/ 240V;
Management by calling or SMS from the main phone; Programming the method and time of triggering the output; Custom label output name; Flexible user setting of how output status information will be given.
5. Main telephone for notification, control and communication – reprograms the communicator, performs official functions, records and deletes user numbers by sending SMS
6. Seven subordinate telephones for notification, control and communication
7. User phones – when ringing, turn on the output for a preset time; GSM52x works with up to 128 phones, and GSM54x works with up to 999 phones.
8. Memory for events and states of the communicator
Programming in which zone, which event to remember; Remembering the date and time of the event; Memory size – last 32 events; Memory access control.
9. Sending a control SMS showing the health of the module during a user-set period of time.
10. Remote programming by sending SMS or with a computer via a dedicated data cable
11. Ability to send command SMS from the main phone..
12. Possibility of use as a security system, remote control of barriers, doors, appliances and telemetry.
13. Intelligent range tracking function

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
Audio Channel

User capacity

number of inputs


Number of outputs


Power supply voltage

DC 12V, DC 24V

Monitors supply voltage

Measures temperature


Measures voltage


Ability to control BKU

Power failure indication


Emergency power input


Protection against unauthorized access


Current consumption

max. 50mA; typical- 20mA

Consumption with peripherals on

Max 1A

Work temperature

-20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C

Protection class


Operating frequencies

900/1800 MHz

Maximum parameters of built-in relays

6A / AC / DC-250V

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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by Andrei

    Being away from my property used to be a concern until I installed a GSM gate communicator. Now, I can control the gate remotely, granting access to guests or service providers. It adds a layer of convenience and security that’s indispensable for remote property owners 🙂

  2. 05

    by Henrik Sork

    Good product! Works as expected

  3. 05

    by Anja Lerin

    Ensuring the security of a campus is no small task, but the GSM-enabled gate access system has been a reliable ally. It offers seamless control over entry points with an easy change of users.

  4. 05

    by Lars Marines

    Integrated a GSM communicator into my smart home setup for the garage gate, and it’s fantastic! Now I can open and close the gate remotely, and enhance the overall security of my home.

  5. 05

    by Sébastien

    Securing our industrial facility with more than 500 people is a top priority… The GSM communicator for our barriers offers robust access control and the flexibility to manage the entrance efficiently. It’s a vital component of our overall security strategy. I recommend it!

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