VCB Single-Channel with up to 14 remote controls – hopping code

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One-channel remote control module VCB serves for remote control of objects – electronic locking systems, garage or portal doors. The price of the device includes 1 pc. remote control TX33 with hopping code.

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Single-channel remote control module VCB is used for remote control of objects – electronic locking systems, garage or portal doors, panic buttons, modules for remote ignition of cars, stoves, lighting fixtures and others.

The set includes:

  • single relay module Valcor VCB,
  • 1pc. TX33 remote control,
  • documentation for installation and operation.

From Product options you can choose how many volts the module should be – 12V or 24V,

If you need more control outputs, check out our other modules HERE.

The Valcor VCB has extremely high flexibility, five operating modes, programmable functions, reliability and security with the use of dynamic code remote control. One remote control is included. The module is controlled with up to 14 remote controls. If you lose a remote control, the only thing you need to do is delete all remotes from the unit’s memory and save only the available ones, so the lost remote will no longer be able to control the unit.

1.1. Operating mode 1 – time management. In this mode, when a button is pressed from the remote, the relay will turn on for a preset time, which can vary from 0.7 sec. to 4 min. After this time has elapsed, the relay will turn off. Application: 1. If you want to control a lock that you can use in automatic mode and unlock for a certain time from the remote. 2. You can remotely turn on a consumer for a certain time, for example, lamps, pumps, fans and others.

1.2. Operating mode 2 – with hold. For general application. In this mode, the relay is on as long as a button on the remote control is pressed.

1.3. Operating mode 3 – with triggering In this mode, when a button is pressed from the remote control, the relay turns on and remains on until the next button is pressed. Application: 1. To control locks or locks in manual mode, i.e. you press a button – it unlocks, you press a button again – it locks. 2. Remote manual control of consumers. The advantage of this mode is that you control with only one button, but the disadvantage is that if you do not know the current state of the relay, you will simply switch it. For unambiguous control, use mode 4.

1.4. Operating mode 4 – with switching Pressing button 1 will always turn on the relay, if it was turned on it remains on. Pressing button 2 will always turn off the relay, if it was turned off it stays off. Due to the fact that the buttons perform the same action every time, this mode is used as mode 3, but you will always know what the result of the corresponding action will be.

1.5. Operating mode 5 – time control with protection This mode is the same as mode 1, but to activate the relay the button on the remote must be pressed and held for at least 2 seconds. It is used when controlling a device that should not be activated by an accidental short press of a button on the remote, such as a remote panic button.

1.6. Remote Button Control – When a button is pressed (BUT input is given to -12V) it acts as a pressed button from the remote control. In mode 5, the button activates the relay immediately.

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 7,5 × 5,7 × 3 cm
User capacity

Type keys

Remote Control

Power supply voltage

DC 12V, DC 24V

Operating current

when triggered – max.100mA;
at rest – max. 15mA;


up to 100m


LESI-2000; Bulgaria

Manufacturer's name

Valcor VCB

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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by Oleksandr

    Installed a remote control system for barriers at our construction site, and it’s a game-changer. The flexibility to open and close barriers remotely not only improves traffic flow but also adds a layer of safety for our workers. Highly recommend for construction site management. I like also the security that provides with the hopping code system.

  2. 05

    by Valentin

    I lock my refrigertaor cases in my shop to secure them from thefts and works as described. I bought it together with BKL30 lock.

  3. 05

    by Henrikas

    Installed remote control barriers in our parking facility, and the difference is remarkable. It’s efficient and secure

  4. 05

    by Einar

    As described with detailed documentation.

  5. 05

    by João

    I use it for remote control my water pump in the garden and it works really well!

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