VCL1 Three-Channel with up to 64 remote controls – hopping code

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The Valcor VCL module is a device that can be controlled with up to 64 hopping code remote controls and is used for remote three-channel relay control of objects such as:
– barriers;
– doors – garage, portal and others;
– elevators;
– electronic locks;
– objects that are controlled by relay outputs.

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Two-channel remote control module VCL1 is used for remote control of objects – electronic locking systems, garage or portal doors, panic buttons, modules for remote ignition of cars, stoves, lighting fixtures and others.

The set includes:

  • single relay module Valcor VCL1,
  • 1pc. TX33 remote control,
  • documentation for installation and operation.

From Product options you can choose how many volts the module should be – 12V or 24V,

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The “VALCOR VCL” radio module is used for remote three-channel relay control of objects, such as garage or portal doors, radio panic button, elevators, etc. VALCOR VCL is distinguished by extremely high flexibility (5 operating modes), reliability and security, through the use of a jumping code – each time a button is pressed, a different code is emitted and does not allow its recording. The VCL1 can operate up to 64 remotes

Operating modes for relays 1 and 2
1.1 Operating mode 1 – by time. In this mode, when button 1 is pressed, relay 1 works for a pre-programmed time (0.7 sec. – 8 min.), after which it turns off. When button 2 is pressed, relay 2 works, for the same time and turns off. When one relay is turned on, the other is automatically turned off. Application: Used to control central locks, electromechanical locks, garage doors, roller blinds and others with reversible motors with unique action control, for example, button 1 locks, button 2 unlocks.

1.2. Operating mode 2 – with hold. In this mode, relay 1 is on for the time for which button 1 is pressed, when the button is released, the relay is also turned off. Relay 2 is controlled in the same way by button 2. The relays operate independently of each other. Application: General use

1.3. Operating mode 3 – with triggering. In this mode, when button 1 is pressed once, relay 1 is switched to turn off – button 1 must be pressed again. Button 2 is used to switch relay 2. The relays work independently of each other.

1.4. Operating mode 4 – with switching. In this mode, one relay always remains on. Button 1 turns on relay 1 and turns off relay 2, and button 2 turns on relay 2 and turns off relay 1.

1.5. Operating mode 5 – on time with triggering. In this mode, when the button with which the remote is trained is pressed, the relays are switched according to the following scheme: when the button is pressed, relay 1 is activated for the preset time. After this time, pressing the button again will turn on relay 2 for the preset time. The cycle then repeats. If the button is pressed during operation of one relay, it causes a stop (turning off) of the relay, and when the button is pressed again, it will activate the other relay. Application: This mode is used to control garage doors, roller blinds and other objects with reversible motors, and you can combine with one remote control to independently control up to three doors.

1.6. Operating mode for BulKey electromechanical lock control (for relays 1 and 2). This mode is an upgrade setting to operating modes 1 and 5, the device works in the same way as described in item 11 and 1.5., but the time for turning on the relays is fixed at 0.2 sec., which is specific for controlling a BulKey electromechanical lock model class BKS3xx and BKG3xx.

1.7. External Button Control – Not used for mode 2. Pressing the external button (NET input briefly given to GND) acts as the pressed button 2 of the remote control for modes 1 and 3. In mode 4, pressing the external button, switches the relays. In mode 5, pressing the external button acts as a valid button pressed by the remote control.

Operating Modes for Relay 3 – Relay 3 has independent modes and times from relays 1, 2 If relays 1 and 2 are in mode 5 (5-6) and remote control button 3 is used to control the relays, then relay 3 cannot be controlled by button 3!
2.1. Operating mode 1 for relay 3 – on time. In this mode, when button 3 is pressed, relay 3 is activated for a pre-programmed time (0.8 sec – 8 min), after which it turns off. Note: The hold time is different from the time for Relays 1,2 and is programmed separately.

2.2. Operating mode 2 for relay 3 – with hold. In this mode, relay 3 is on for the time for which button 3 is pressed. Releasing the button also turns off the relay.

2.3. Operating mode 3 for relay 3 – with trigger. In this mode, a single press of button 3 turns on relay 3. To turn it off, press button 3 again.

2.4. Operating mode 4 for relay 3 – simultaneously with relay 1 or 2 at the same time and with button 3. In this mode, when button 3 is pressed, relay 3 is activated for a pre-programmed time (0.8 sec – 8 min), after which it turns off. In addition to pressing button 3, the relay will turn on for the set time and every time you press button 1 or 2. In this way, you can switch on lighting to relay 3, for example. So every time you unlock or lock the door, you will

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 7,5 × 5,7 × 3 cm
User capacity

Type keys

Remote Control

Power supply voltage

DC 12V, DC 24V

Operating current

when triggered – max.100mA;
at rest – max. 15mA;


up to 100m


LESI-2000; Bulgaria

Manufacturer's name

Valcor VCB

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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by Bogdan

    Ensuring a secure and seamless experience for our hotel guests, we installed VCL remote-controlled barriers in the parking facility. It’s a trifecta of convenience, security, and efficiency. Guests can enter and exit with ease, making their stay more enjoyable.

  2. 04

    by Rigas78

    I installed it in a Hormann door remote control module. It works great!

  3. 04

    by Luka

    Enhancing security and convenience in our residential community, we implemented a triple gate access system. Residents now have remote control over three entry points, providing a seamless and secure living experience. It’s a positive upgrade for our community.

  4. 04

    by Alvaro

    At our transportation hub, the implementation of VCL remote barriers has optimized traffic flow and enhanced security. Controlling entry and exit points remotely has proven to be a key asset in managing the high volume of vehicles seamlessly. I recommend this product as it is fail-proof

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